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Does Hamilton Musical Whitewash Enslavers?, Rising Up with Sonali, July 2020

Mrs. America

Mrs. America History of Battles Over Presidency and Sexism, Rising Up with Sonali, April 2020


New Film Harriet Dramatizes Real-Life Hero Harriet Tubman, Rising Up with Sonali, November 2019

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New Hulu Series ‘Ramy’ Explores Muslim Identity, Rising Up with Sonali, April 2019

Sonali Black Panther

Why Black Panther Is Making Movie History, Rising Up with Sonali, February 2018

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The Politics Of This Year’s Super Bowl, Rising Up with Sonali, February 2018

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New Film Megan Leavey Focuses On Dog Not Iraqis, Rising Up with Sonali, June 2017

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Wonder Woman Review: Does It Stand Up To The Hype?, Rising Up with Sonali, June 2017

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The Handmaid’s Tale TV Show Highlights Current Political Fears, Rising Up with Sonali, May 2017

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“The Promise” Brings Alive Saga of the Armenian Genocide, Rising Up with Sonali, April 2017


Aptly Named Film “Loving” Reminds Nation of What Is Important, Interview on Rising Up with Sonali, November 2016 


Disney’s “Queen Of Katwe” Defies Some Stereotypes and Reinforces Others, Interview on Rising Up With Sonali, September 2016

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Will Hollywood Get Cuba Right?, Interview on Rising Up With Sonali, May 2016 

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New Jungle Book Film Revives Kipling’s Racist Work, Interview on Rising Up With Sonali, April 2016


Anti-Arab Racism and Orientalism in Homeland and Quantico, A Radio Interview on Uprising with Sonali Kolhatkar, October 2015

From Genie to Housewife

From Genie to Housewife, An Interview on Bitch’s Podcast Popaganda, December 2014