Scholarship Fest Increases Applications, Money Awarded, PolyCentric, May 2021

Campus Climate IG 1080x1080

Inclusive Campus Survey Launches: Share Your View, We’ll Follow Through, PolyCentric, February 2021

Picture of a woman's back who is staring out the window.

Communicating Thoughtfully About Suicide, Strategies & Tactics, July 2020

Picture of the 2020 census form

Which Box Should Arab Americans Choose on the 2020 Census?, Arab America, May 2020


In the World to Change it, Los Angeles Review of Books, April 2020


“Ramy” Will Get You Laughing—and Thinking, Ms. Magazine, April 2019

Students by Anibal Ortiz

Social Strategy: Telling Stories That Matter for an Increasingly Influential Generation, Strategies & Tactics, April 2019

 BLM Memoir.png

Indicting the System, Los Angeles Review of Books, February 2018

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My Brother Took His Own Life. Please Don’t Ask If He Left a Note, Bright Magazine, November 2017

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Chess Master: “Queen of Katwe” Is Disney’s Greatest Feat, Bitch, September 2017

Peter Abraham

Honoring Petey’s Life: My Beloved Brother’s Eulogy and Obituary, August 2017

Megan Leavey.png

Imperialist Feminism 101: “Megan Leavey” Uses War to Help White Women Figure Themselves Out, Bitch, June 2017

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Slavery Never Ended: Prison as Punishment in “13th”, Bitch, May 2017

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What’s Not Being Said About “The Handmaid’s Tale,” Ms., May 2017

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Take Back the Night: The Most Important Night of the Year, University Times, April 2017

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When Fashion Makes a Statement, Ms., April 2017


Does the “Collateral Beauty” of Fatherhood Come at the Expense of Mothers?, Bitch, December 2016

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Oscar Contender “Jackie” Is Good, But Not Good Enough, Bitch, December 2016


Loving v. White Anxiety: “Loving” Tells the Story of the Couple Who Challenged Racist Marriage Laws, Bitch, November 2016


Life-Affirming Narratives: Author Randa Jarrar Talks Arab American Identity and Survival, Bitch, September 2016

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Shine Brightly: On Literary Citizenship and Class, Women Who Submit, May 2016

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As Hollywood Turns Its Eyes to Cuba, Will the Island Be More Than Just a Prop?, Bitch, May 2016


The Orientalist Narrative and Erasure in “Whiskey Tango Foxtrot,” Bitch, March 2016

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After Your Great-Grandmother Tita, Exposition Review, March 2016

Women's Rights Are Human Rights

New Documentary “Equal Means Equal” Exposes Why We Need an Equal Rights Amendment, Bitch, March 2016

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Questions I Would Have Preferred to Have Been Asked in My Thirties in Lieu of “Why Don’t You Want Kids?”, McSweeney’s, March 2016


Less Is More: On Decluttering Our Lives & Writing, Women Who Submit, January 2016


Stop Blaming the Alcoholic: What I’ve Learned from Being My Brother’s Health Advocate in a System Filled with More Stigma Than Compassion, Medium: The Development Set, December 2015


New Film “Mustang” Explores Young Women’s Vitality—And Patriarchy’s Brutality, Bitch, December 2015

Heba Amin Photo

Homeland Hacker Challenges Media Portrayals of Muslims, Al Jazeera, November 2015


The High Stakes for “Quantico” and its South Asian Star, Bitch, October 2015


From Producer Salma Hayek, “The Prophet” Focuses on the Political Power of Poetry, Bitch, August 2015

Selfish Shallow and Self-Absorbed

16 Writers Take on the Stigma of Not Having Kids, Bitch, March 2015

Katy Perry 1

Katy Perry’s Extremely Straight Performance of “I Kissed a Girl” at the Super Bowl, Bitch, January 2015


Jeannie’s American Dream: The Assimilation of an American Icon, Bitch (print edition), Winter 2015


Passing as White, Flaming as Arab: Why Mixed-Heritage Arab American Women Writers Choose Not to “Pass” as White and Instead to “Flame” as Arab, Mizna (print), Volume 15, Issue 2, 2015

Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty Is Not A Cat, But A Girl…Without a Voice, Role Reboot, August 2014


The First TV Drama About an Arab American Family Debuts—And it’s Got Some Problems, BitchJune 2014
Alice in TV Land Image

Alice in TV Land, Bitch (print edition), Summer 2014


Arab American Romantic Comedty “Detroit Unleaded Will Make You Shout, “Hell, Yeah!”, Bitch, May 2014


How Is This Dutch Company Using a Harem to Sell Chocolate Milk?, Eutopia, April 2014


Disney’s Missteps on “Alice in Arabia” Show the Need for Complex Muslim Characters on TV, Bitch, March 2014


The Moment I Became My Mother, Role Reboot, March 2014