This is not a food blog

Picture of the author laying on the couch with her dog lying on top of her. The author smiles at the camera and is wearing an apron.
Molly snuggles up on me for a post-cooking and eating nap. My mom sewed the apron I’m wearing as a Christmas gift for my honey years ago. Little did we know I would be the one using it!

I’ve spent most of the last year in my house due to COVID-19. I didn’t expect to become part of the trend of folks learning to cook during the pandemic, but eventually I got sick of the same old plates and eating takeout all the time was not an option.

During the summer, in lieu of a vacation we bought an ice cream maker—so not the same. Still it was fun to have a project that brought a little bit of vacay into the house. I considered posting the recipes but my honey shot down the idea because work has me on screen enough. Too true!

But now that I’ve figured some things out, I’ve realized that I need to start writing them down so that I don’t forget — especially about the seasonal items. For example, I’ve been making soup at least once a week but as the birds start chirping, we’ll be in ice-cream season in no time. Will I have remembered my hard-earned lessons learned las summer from trial and error?

I have some notebooks around here but I figured I should type it up for easy access, which brought me back to this good ole website. Originally started as a blog called “Feminist in the Suburbs,” my hope was to get myself writing again via a temporary project about baking, which resulted in lots of baking and writing. So here we are in sort of a full circle situation. Although who knows what direction or day it is, right?

I’m not aiming to become a food blogger extraordinaire. I won’t monetize posts for incentives from the evil Amazon. (And while I don’t hold it against food writers who do, I wonder if they really make enough to offer free advertising for Amazon, a company notoriously anti-employee.) I just plan to share some culinary stuff I’ve learned and am learning in an attempt to bring some flavor to an otherwise bland and brutal time.

Stay tuned.

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