Media Criticism

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Slavery Never Ended: Prison as Punishment in “13th”, Bitch Magazine, May 2017

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The Handmaid’s Tale TV Show Highlights Current Political Fears, Rising Up with Sonali, May 2017

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What’s Not Being Said About “The Handmaid’s Tale,” Ms. Magazine, May 2017

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“The Promise” Brings Alive Saga of the Armenian Genocide, Rising Up with Sonali, April 2017


Does the “Collateral Beauty” of Fatherhood Come at the Expense of Mothers?, Bitch, December 2016

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Oscar Contender “Jackie” Is Good, But Not Good Enough, Bitch, December 2016


Loving v. White Anxiety: “Loving” Tells the Story of the Couple Who Challenged Racist Marriage Laws, Bitch, November 2016


Aptly Named Film “Loving” Reminds Nation of What Is Important, Interview on Rising Up with Sonali, November 2016 


Disney’s “Queen Of Katwe” Defies Some Stereotypes and Reinforces Others, Interview on Rising Up With Sonali, September 2016

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As Hollywood Turns Its Eyes to Cuba, Will the Island Be More Than Just a Prop?, Bitch, May 2016

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Will Hollywood Get Cuba Right?, Interview on Rising Up With Sonali, May 2016 

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New Jungle Book Film Revives Kipling’s Racist Work, Interview on Rising Up With Sonali, April 2016


The Orientalist Narrative and Erasure in “Whiskey Tango Foxtrot,” Bitch, March 2016

Women's Rights Are Human Rights

New Documentary “Equal Means Equal” Exposes Why We Need an Equal Rights Amendment, Bitch, March 2016


New Film “Mustang” Explores Young Women’s Vitality—And Patriarchy’s Brutality, Bitch, December 2015

Heba Amin Photo

Homeland Hacker Challenges Media Portrayals of Muslims, Al Jazeera, November 2015


Anti-Arab Racism and Orientalism in Homeland and Quantico, A Radio Interview on Uprising with Sonali Kolhatkar, October 2015


The High Stakes for “Quantico” and its South Asian Star, Bitch, October 2015


From Producer Salma Hayek, “The Prophet” Focuses on the Political Power of Poetry, Bitch, August 2015

Katy Perry 1

Katy Perry’s Extremely Straight Performance of “I Kissed a Girl” at the Super Bowl, Bitch, January 2015


Jeannie’s American Dream: The Assimilation of an American Icon, Bitch (print edition), Winter 2015

From Genie to Housewife

Interview “From Genie to Housewife” on Bitch’s Podcast Popaganda, December 2014


The First TV Drama About an Arab American Family Debuts—And it’s Got Some Problems, BitchJune 2014
Alice in TV Land Image

Alice in TV Land, Bitch (print edition), Summer 2014


Arab American Romantic Comedty “Detroit Unleaded Will Make You Shout, “Hell, Yeah!”, Bitch, May 2014


How Is This Dutch Company Using a Harem to Sell Chocolate Milk?, Eutopia, April 2014


Disney’s Missteps on “Alice in Arabia” Show the Need for Complex Muslim Characters on TV, Bitch, March 2014


Hollywood’s Harem Housewife: Orientalism in I Dream of Jeannie, Master’s Thesis, California State University, June 2006


Cinnamon Spice and Everything Nice?, Bitch (print edition)Spring 2005

Feminist Feud

Feminist Feud: Pop Culture — Bad for Your Health?, LOUDmouth, Winter 2005


The Sitcom Factory and the All-American Family, LOUDmouth, Fall 2004


Death to Cinder Films: 10 Harmful Myths Your Kids Might Catch, LOUDmouth, Spring 2004

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